14 May 12 at 9 pm
tags: thoughts 

muahahahahahah you guys I’m done with high school classes FOREVER~ I only have psych 3 times a week for like the next 2 weeks but that’s it. I’m forever¬†done with high school, aps, collegeboard, and all that shiezz. wootwoot~ Now all I have left is Prom, Senior Trip and then Graduation WHOOP WHOOP ^—^ time to play noww :D

Literally today was my last ap and I just didn’t care. No one ended up studying for Physics and oh geez the frqs. HAHAHA we all planned out what we were gonna draw and I drew a lovely picture of a house and buildings and I wrote a beautiful story about two kids and I wrote the reader a letter in korean telling them how I didn’t learn anything in physics this year and how my teacher was a douche… anyways yeap… biggest waste of my timee but going to the beach tomorrow whoopwhoop so nice to be done :D

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